2 Book Reviews for Female Entrepreneurs

2 Book Reviews for Female Entrepreneurs

On my social media I posted about six recommended books for female entrepreneurs. I have not read all of them, but I wanted to share overviews and thoughts on two of them to start. Both books, in my opinion, give off the same vibe. Equal parts woo-woo and tangible examples and advice. So let's dive in!


everything is figureoutable

Everything is Figureoutable - Marie Forleo

Marie has a super fascinating resume of jobs and experiences, and she frames a lot of this book around how all those opportunities came about and her takeaways from them. Her path has been anything but traditional! 

The biggest theme in this book is to "start before you are ready," which can be applied to pretty much every aspect of life (but, small business owners - Alert!). If you couldn't guess it, her mantra is "everything is figureoutable," so stop making excuses for why you can't: get XYZ done, go back to school, reach a goal, etc. It all works out if you give in and go for those opportunities that may cause hesitation.

Speaking of excuses, one thing that resonated with me was her talking about time vs priority. So often we hear (and maybe we are also guilty of saying), "I just don't have time." Be honest with yourself; if something is important to you, you make time for it. Instead, reframe your reasoning as what is a priority and what isn't. Everything else will be figureoutable once you've made the choice about what matters. 

Marie believes that the universe presents you with opportunities, and you need to slow down and listen. Don't turn down things that may arise, especially if it's something you have the feeling could lead you to your goals. 

Speaking of goal setting, she mixes this talk about the universe sending you messages with some hard facts. For example, did you know you are 42% more likely to reach your goals if you write them down? There is power in putting the pen to paper and making actionable plans. The universe can reach you better if you've got a plan! 

Lastly, Marie speaks about how there is room for everyone (a reminder you'll also see in Jen's book below). Imposter syndrome is real (for me, it's in both my business and in motherhood), but we need to remember that we all offer something unique. 

Find Marie's book HERE

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you are a badass at making money

You are a Badass at Making Money - Jen Sincero

The beginning portion of this book is really interesting, and important for everyone to listen to. Jen addresses the stigma of money and how we view people with money. I won't summarize it well, but basically she discusses how money is not the problem and we shouldn't be ashamed about wanting or having money. Rather, the problems come with who has the money and what they choose to do with it. It is okay to want money and work towards it because it is a tool that allows us to reach our goals and do more, and that's just the reality of it. As Jen says, "You are meant to thrive. And by thriving you Automatically help others to thrive, too.” Dave Ramsey is controversial, I know, but one of his takeaways is how you can give more and do more good once you’ve got yourself set financially. This book talks about that same idea. It was an interesting take, and an eye-opening reminder.

Jen, similar to Marie but with a different angle, believes that there is space for everyone and that we all need  to offer different things and set different goals because it all plays a part. “If you’re a stay at home mom, raise awesome kids with great manners. It all counts. It all contributes. We are all equally vital. It’s not a competition.” (Read that again, moms!)

We are all equally vital. 

Surrounding money and manifesting goals, Jen talks about writing down your goals and dreams and the power that has. She referenced a story Jim Carrey tells about writing himself a $10 million check before he hit it big and keeping it in his wallet. He eventually manifested that exact amount. Her big theme is "mastering your mindset"; saying your goals out loud and constantly reminding yourself of them will help the universe bring the right opportunities to you, to get you where you want to be.  

Find Jen's book HERE (Psst, she's got other books in her "You Are a Badass" series!)

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In Summary

While neither book will be able to give you an action plan for your specific situation (obvi!), I would recommend both for helping you reframe your brain and focus on what you need to do to set and reach goals. 

Have you read either book? What did you think? Comment here or feel free to come interact with me on Instagram

2 book review for female entrepreneurs

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