Meet Lindsay

Welcome to sound + circle, paper goods for a good life! If you love organization (or the idea of it), living a simple life, and products that are useful without being too cluttered, let's be friends!

sound + circle got its name from many different aspects of my life! I live near Puget Sound in Washington State, and I have so much PNW pride! My home is located in a quiet neighborhood in a friendly little circle. The 3 fractional sections of the logo represent my love of math (I hold a Masters in Math Education!) as well as my 3 children. And the simplicity and neutral look are representative of both personal style and the feel I want for my shop.

I grew up in Washington and have always had a recreational interest in home decor, DIY projects, and organization. My mom taught herself calligraphy and always doodled, which is probably where my interest in lettering came from. I was a middle-school math teacher but now stay-at-home with my 3 kids! I have two boys, Emerson (2014) and Webb (2015), and a daughter, Ida, born in 2019. They keep me busy, along with spending time with family, volunteering when I can, and watching reality TV. 

In 2014, a friend and I started an Etsy shop, not knowing what it would become. I spent years learning more about the craft, creating new products, and increasing the quality of what I offer. It was so much fun to not only learn new skills but create tools and decor that other people loved! I have used that knowledge to create a new brand, look, and product style that suits both my personal aesthetic and what I know my customers will appreciate. I look forward to creating beautiful things for you!