Meet the Planners

We have worked hard to create several options, and there is one that's sure to fit your planning needs! When you build your planner, you have the option to choose the following customizations:

  • Cover & Theme. Our planners feature hand-lettered designs that start each month, and you can choose from: Inspirational, Mom, Sassy, or Sassy Mom. We also have Minimal Inspirational where the sayings are in black-and-white block hand-lettered font. The planner titles will denote which theme that planner has. 
  • Size. Pick 5.5x8.5" if you like to carry your planner with you or 8.5x11" if you like to keep it in one spot and spread out! 
  • Cover Style. We offer Frosted Plastic or Hardcover, depending on how you roll.
  • Undated or Dated. Not sure when you're going to start? Like to leave your options open to skip a month or 3? Love writing the months of the year? Go with Undated. Want it all done for you? Go with dated and you'll be set. 
  • Weekly Layout (see below). Find the one that speaks to you! We get it, planning and organization is so personal, and we don't want to force you into a box (literally!). Our layouts give you the flexibility you need. 
You can also personalize your cover or design your own!

And, don't forget your Planner Accessories! We've got Bookmarks and Stickers!


Classic Layout

This is the layout that started it all! We wanted to create a design that gave us loose guidelines but didn't force us into an organizational style, or leave us with tons of unused space. The classic layout is like a bullet journal, but with all the work done for you! There is plenty of daily space and, as with all our planners it runs Monday-Sunday so that your weekend plans stay together!




This cute little hybrid was born from the features of our classic layout with the columnar layout of our health & fitness planners. Plenty of room for to-dos, plan your meals at a glance, track and celebrate your habits weekly, and just kill it! There are 2 blank columns so that you can organize whatever you need to, whether it be gratitude, different times of the day, certain activities, etc. And, the to-do list on the right doesn't lock you into completing tasks on a certain day! 




Crave wide-open space and the freedom to use your planner however you please? Our minimal planner features 7 empty boxes on the left side, and blank lines on the right. Use it as a to-do list, a sketch pad, a diary, whatever you desire! Don't let structure hold you back!




For those of you who thrive on schedule, our time-blocking planner is worth a look! The times run 8am-8pm in half-hour intervals, and still has room to meal plan, track water, and note other to-dos. This layout will keep you organized in style!




This is an in-between style from our others that includes a minimal design, wide open spaces, and a touch of structure. The left side features a M-S layout with wide boxes for whatever you need to keep track of. The right side features simple lines to help you organize to-dos, meals, habits, and other notes.