5 Products You Didn't Know I Sell

5 Products You Didn't Know I Sell

I had a story sale recently, and someone commented that they didn’t know I sold one of the items I shared. That made me think, I wonder if people know about some of my lesser-shared products! So, let’s go through 5 products that you may or may not know I make and sell!


  1. Baby Log Book

 baby log book for nursing and diaper

I shared a stack of these during my story sale and a friend (shoutout, Gina!) commented that she had no idea I make these. I originally created them in collaboration with another friend who owns a Maternity Store nearby. The log books are for those mommas who want to track everything on paper (keep this next to where you nurse!), or who maybe have an au pair, nanny, or babysitter and they want to stay up to date with how the day went. It's undated, of course, so you can use it as needed! I love to offer lots of options when it comes to notebooks, and this one is just another great option!


  1. Perpetual Calendar
perpetual calendar

While our address books also have a section to keep birthdays and important recurring dates, sometimes you just want a stand-alone little thing to check out quickly. This little 4x8 calendar has been around for a bit, but I don’t post about it often. It’s super easy to gift (and even pre-fill out??) and will last a while with its cardstock pages.


  1. Meal and Grocery Notebook
meal planning notebook

The meal and grocery notepads are one of our bestsellers, but did you know we also have meal planning noteBOOKS? This are perfect for people who are more closely tracking meals, because there’s space for all yours meals + snacks. You still have a grocery list included each week to keep it alllll together, too.


  1. Dateable Notes
meeting notebook

The lined notebooks in our perfect bound section are popular, but not as many people have caught on to these dateable notebooks! I envision these as being perfect for someone who journals, OR for someone who attends a lot of meetings. The vertical band on each page for you to circle the date just makes it a *little* more fun to take notes. And of course the ribbon bookmarks help you keep your spot.


  1. Academic Planners
academic student planner

We have a handful of specific planners, including health & wellness, teacher planbooks, and a few centered around direct sales businesses. We ALSO have these academic planners that are perfect for middle school through college (or for your super organized upper elementary kiddo!). The weekly layout is simple, but it can help your student get used to keeping tracking of assignments and due dates and learning the independence of keeping themselves organized.


And there you have it, 5 mini features of products you may not have been aware of! If you know me, you know I waffle between offering a smaller selection of products, and listing MORE MORE MORE so there’s something for everyone. What do you think of these options?
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