design your own planner weekly layouts

I have worked hard to create several options, and there is one that's sure to fit your planning needs! When you build your planner, you have the option to choose the following customizations:

  • Cover. There are so many designs and styles that fit you! Still can't find something that's quite right? Let me Customize A Cover for you.
  • Size. Pick 5.5x8.5" if you like to carry your planner with you or 8.5x11" if you like to keep it in one spot and spread out! 
  • Cover Style. We offer Frosted Plastic or Hardcover, depending on how you roll. Both have outer layers that protect your planner, and the hardcover features corner protectors for a high-end look and feel.
  • Undated or Dated. Not sure when you're going to start? Like to leave your options open to skip a month or 3? Love writing the months of the year? Go with Undated. Want it all done for you? Go with dated and you'll be set from the minute you open it!
  • Weekly Layout (see below). Find the one that speaks to you! We get it, planning and organization is so personal, and we don't want to force you into a box (literally!). Our layouts give you the flexibility you need. 

Every planner comes with a Frosted Plastic Bookmark and a set of Functional Stickers!

standard sticker sheet weekly planner

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Reference Pages 
Included in All Planners (unless otherwise noted)
  • Quick Contacts: A spot for your most-used numbers and addresses
  • Year At-A-Glance: For longer-term planning
  • Meal Ideas: Keep your favorites nearby for when you're fresh out of inspo
  • Packing List: Don't make a new list every trip; keep the basics handy!
  • Recommendations: Keep them handy in one spot
  • Gift Ideas: Keep a running list for your family/friends throughout the year
  • Expenses: Track spending 
  • Bill Pay: Stay on top of your finances
  • Goals: Quarterly checklist for goal-setting small and big
  • Logins: A quick spot to put those pesky passwords
  • Blank Slate / Notes: For anything else you need to keep handy
  • (End of planner) Next Year: Easily transfer long-term dates to your new planner! 
design your own planner monthly spread
Standard Layout
I wanted to create a design that gave you loose guidelines but didn't force you into an organizational style, or leave you with tons of unused space. The standard layout is like a bullet journal, but with all the work done for you! There is plenty of daily space and, as with all the planners, it runs Monday-Sunday so that your weekend plans stay together!
weekly layout custom planner
Our most popular layout! This is an in-between style from our others that includes a minimal design, wide open spaces, and a touch of structure. The left side features a M-S layout with wide boxes for whatever you need to keep track of. The right side features simple guidelines to help you organize to-dos, meals, habits, notes, and a glance at next week. 
 design your own planner weekly layout
Crave wide-open space and the freedom to use your planner however you please? The minimal planner features 7 empty boxes on the left side, and blank lines on the right. Use it as a to-do list, a sketch pad, a diary, whatever you desire! Don't let structure hold you back!



If you like a more columnar view, check out our vertical layout. Each day is subtley divided into 3 sections but you can use it how you please! You still have a M-S format and room for to-dos and meal planning. 

 design your own planner vertical weekly layout


* Because I make everything myself in-house, I am always able to customize planners to fit your needs. I truly want to create a tool that helps you find calm in your day-to-day life, so feel free to contact me for more information. Thank you!