Custom Print Jobs

Do you have a product dreamed up or a design ready to be printed, and need a print shop who can get it done? We may be able to help!

Working with Sound & Circle not only helps you support another small business, but we can also typically offer a lower minimum order amount and price per item than bigger printer shops. Read more about our process and policies to see if we're the right fit. 

You are able to send designs that I print, or I can design something for your use and resale.


What We Can Print

  • Notepads. Usually printed on 20-lb paper with a chipboard back. Sizes are flexible, but typically range from 4x5" to 10x14")
  • Notebooks. Available coil-bound or perfect-bound. Blank, dot grid, or lined are available with a cover of your design. We can also print inside pages that you design. Need help with that part? Check out our "Design" section for more information. 
  • Cardstock Tags.
  • Greeting Cards. 4.25x5.5" and printed on 100-lb cover stock. 
  • Any of my existing products with a custom cover. *For products that are my design (like a gratitude journal or planner, for example), I leave my logo on the interior cover page. Your logo would go on the back cover.
  • More! Just ask. 

Design Services

I can help bring an idea to life! I am happy to help edit your existing work to fit print specs, or design something completely from scratch for your project. We will go over what you're thinking and I can give you a better idea of if I am able to complete it as well as a time estimate. Design work costs $25/hour.  I track my time and do my best to work efficiently. Turnaround time on your design and finished product will vary depending on the scope of work.



  1. Read through our policies. I have learned through positive and negative experiences of how to better work with other businesses on their printing needs, and done my best to create a flow and policies that work for both of us. I would also encourage you to look around my website and Instagram to get a better idea of what I create, and learn more about the sizes and finishes I typically work with. 
  2. Contact me with your request (email or IG work best!) and I will verify if I can complete this job for you, and what my current turnaround times look like. 
  3. Order a sample. Purchasing a sample of the product you're interested in is required. Because I am a small print shop, my process and final product may look different than a larger producer. I want to be fully transparent with what you will be receiving. You will pay for shipping of the sample as well as wholesale price for it. 
  4. Communicate print specs and details with Lindsay. Once a sample has been received and you'd like to move forward, we will discuss the details. This will include:
    • Who will be doing the design work
    • What you want printed and quantity
    • Any other details I need from you to complete the project
    • My current turnaround times
    • A cost estimate
  1. Verbal Commitment. Once we have finalized plans, I will begin work on your project and will contact you with any questions or drafts. 
  2. Drafts. As needed, I will provide drafts in either digital or photographic format. I do my best to communicate what your product looks like before bulk printing. I can also send a one-off sample for you to approve. **Even if you are doing the designing, if I need to work with your file more to make it print-ready or provide more edits than a reasonable amount, there may be additional costs. 
  3. Production and Completion. Once your product is print-ready, my turnaround time begins. *I do my best to accommodate rush orders and always try to complete projects under my estimate, but that is not always possible. Everything coming out of my shop is made by me, and it can sometimes be a juggle! 
  4. Invoice & Payment. Your order will ship (or be picked up) and I will email you an invoice. 
  5. Enjoy, sell, and share! We hope you loved working with another small business, and you love the product we've created! Just like any other small business, we'd love a "shout out" when you share your products! 




For completely custom designs, none of my branding will be on the final product. You will send your logo to be included on any notebook printing. 

For products where my designs that I sell are featured (either on the cover or interior pages), my logo will appear either on the interior cover page or on the back with your logo. 

We would love for you to share our business name as your designer/printer when you sell your products, but it is not required. 


Notepads will come in either plastic sleeves or with a belly band, depending on what we discuss. Belly bands may cost extra. 

Greeting cards will come in plastic sleeves. 

Notebooks (perfect bound and coil-bound) do not come with packaging by default. We can add a branded tag on coil-bound products at your request (at an additional cost). 

Turnaround Time

We will discuss turnaround time before starting the project. Print jobs are typically 10-14 business days. Business days do not include weekend and holidays. Please keep this in mind when ordering, as I still manage wholesale and retail orders in addition to print orders. 

Projects will design work will require additional time. I will give you a better idea of my availability when we discuss the project.

** My turnaround time BEGINS when everything is print-ready, NOT from the time we start speaking.


Local pickup is available at no cost for customers who can pickup in Tacoma. 

Shipping is to be covered by the customer. I do my best to ship your finished products safely and cost-effectively. Please keep in mind that paper products are heavy and sometimes large, so shipping can be somewhat expensive. 


We require a $150 minimum for print orders. We are somewhat flexible, so just send us a note if your situation is unique.

The total cost will be discussed before the project is started. We cannot guarantee the hourly design cost or shipping fees until it is completed, but will do our best to give estimates.

Invoices will be emailed once the products are shipped so that any hourly design costs and shipping fees can be included. Please pay in a timely manner. 

Problems with your order

As a general rule, if the customer has received and approved a sample and all drafts, then sales are final on custom work. Refunds or Replacements are not guaranteed but will be considered case-by-case.

I always want my customers to be happy with their products and have a positive experience in working with me and my brand, Sound & Circle. If there is a large error with your product, beyond the minor imperfections or variations characteristic of small batch work, we will work together to find the best solution. This could include a partial or full refund, or a replacement of the products.