5 Paper Products to Get Organized without the Commitment

5 Paper Products to Get Organized without the Commitment

I get it, a fancy dated planner that you check up on daily is NOT the system for everyone. That’s why I don’t JUST sell those! My goal is to have you feeling perfectly planned, in a way that's perfect for you. 

Everyone needs to find a system that works for them, and if you haven’t found YOURS yet, here are 5 products that you can try out and see. They’re super low commitment (read: UNDATED and budget-friendly). You can practice getting in the habit of checking in with your tasks, and having a landing spot for everything that's taking up space in your brain. 

1. To-Do List

aesthetic minimal to-do list handmade

Get a pretty one that you don't mind keeping out somewhere. That way you can stay reminded of what needs to get done! Super low commitment, but gives you a set place to record your tasks. Plus who DOESN'T love checking things off? Be sure to add a few you already did for that extra serotonin boost! Shop Lists Here.

2. Undated Weekly Planners

undated weekly planner

If you like the idea of having a calendar and to-do list all in one, and need space to plan in the future, maybe a weekly planner is for you! You could use an undated one so that you don't feel the guilt if it gets forgotten for a bit. We've got a budget-friendly option with our Perfect-Bound Planners, too! 

3. Undated Daily Notepads or Notebooks

undated daily notebook planner

Maybe you just like to focus on one day at a time, and when it's done, it's done! A tear-off daily notepad can be super satisfying, and with no dates you can use it just on the days where you've got a lot going on! Shop Daily Products here.

undated daily notepad task list

4. Weekly Task Pad

weekly planning notepad

These weekly notepads are great for families who all need to be kept in the loop. A lot of people keep them on the fridge! Seeing a week at a time keeps it super short-term. Shop Weekly Notepads Here.

5. Large Monthly Calendar

undated monthly calendar

Another great post-it-on-the-wall family tool, our monthly calendars are another way to see what's coming up in the weeks ahead. We've got two styles to choose from, and you can have a magnet or holes added for hanging. Shop Calendars Here.

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