Paper Goods in a Pandemic

Paper Goods in a Pandemic


... a heading I never thought I'd write... 

In some ways, it wasn't the best idea to open up a paper goods business specializing in planners in the middle of nationwide stay-at-home orders. At the same time I think a lot of people, myself included, are looking for structure during this new normal. We also love a good distraction, am I right? 

As the first post to this blog, I'd love to share some of my products that I find to be especially useful right now!

Undated Wall Calendars

You could basically just skip over March, April, and May since everything was cancelled. The good news is that with these calendars, you can date it as you go and don't miss out on any cute designs! There is a landscape and a portrait version available and you are able to get it with magnets, hole punches, or no finish; it'll fit wherever you need it to!

Grocery Lists

If you're shopping in-store, it is recommended that you don't touch lots of things including your cell phone. So, having a paper list handy makes your shopping trip a little more sanitary. If you've been ordering groceries like me, this is a great way to plan out what you need throughout the week then have it in front of you while placing your order online. These come in several designs! 

Daily Planners

These were a hit since Day 1 of opening the shop! These are just PERFECT in uncertain times where you need some structure but can't long-term plan. Use them for yourself or with your kids to give your day direction. These have been so popular that I decided to make a digital download version AND a bound version with a bookmark to keep your spot. 

Home Planners

Now is a great time to get things organized around the home. These planners have 6 sections to help get finances, cleaning, scheduling, vacation and project planning in order. It'll help you feel a bit more accomplished! 

I hope you are doing well during this time, and have found ways to have joy! 


- Lindsay

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