How to Set Achievable Goals in 2023 (and my 2023 Word of the Year)

How to Set Achievable Goals in 2023 (and my 2023 Word of the Year)

I've been talking a lot about having a word of the year, but really, as you are entering into 2023 my hope is that you have a focused vision for what you want it to look like, what you want to accomplish, and how you want to feel over the next 12 months. Change can happen any time, but January is always a great "reset button." 

Whether you make a vision board, talk over plans with a spouse, write goals in your planner, or come up with a phrase to guide your year, it all helps to be intentional and keep goals in the forefront of your mind. 

I've always set Resolutions of some sort, and honed what worked for me as I got older. Growing up we had a framed list of Family Values that my mom wrote in calligraphy, and my husband and I did the same in our home. I try to use those values to guide my goals each year, too. 

Over the past few years I've picked a word: Here, Align, Grace, Intentional, and Thrive. The word reminds me of the more specific (SMART) goals I set. I also like to treat myself to something with that word on it (ring, bracelet, etc), just for fun. Here's a few small businesses you could order from!


2023 word of the year ideas

Ceramic Word Tile | Bracelet | Mug | Sticker | Ring | Wooden Card

I had the phrase "in-tune" stuck in my head for 2023 as what I was hoping for. A word didn't come to me until I was completing my goals worksheet (click the link for a printable!) in my planner. My word of the year this year is Mindful!

In my reflecting I found that I'm craving more intentional use of my time and energy. I am not always mindful of my time or how I spend it, especially with my husband and kids. I want to grow my business by being mindful of where I place focus. And so much more! 

I'm excited to see what goals you have, too! Let's cheer each other on!

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