Setting up a Home Command Center

Setting up a Home Command Center

One of the best things I've done to help organize our family is to create a "command center" or a designated drop spot and check-in area. In our previous home, we had a dedicated space in our front office. 

command center family calendar ideas

In our current home, I had a wall calendar and drawer near our coffee station in the kitchen to keep everything close. 

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With our new home renovation and that coffee area out of the way, I've landed on a good spot for everything (I think!). We have an empty drawer at the end of the counter as well as some open shelving above that I think will work perfectly. 

So, as I'm planning out my new area, I thought I'd share my thinking behind my "command center" and how I organize it. 

What is a command center and why do you need one in your home

 A "command center" is just another term for a designated space in your home to house mail, calendars, school stuff... really anything you need a drop spot for that doesn't end up forgotten about. I think your planner is important to have in this area, too, because you can work on getting in the habit of using it. You have to decide what would make YOUR life easier. Does mail end up everywhere and you need to be able to sort it? Do you need to keep a running grocery list that you can easily add to? Does everyone in your family need to stay up to date on the weekly schedule? It all comes back to - how can I run my household more smoothly? 

Here is what a keep in my command center:

- Planner (even though it moves around with me, this is where it "lives")

- Grocery List

- Notepad/Pens for random lists and notes

- Mail supplies: Address book, stamps, envelopes, package opener

- Checkbook

How to create a functional and stylish command center in your home

 As silly as it may sound, I think some of the key here is making it aesthetically pleasing, so that you *want* to keep it nice and so that you're happy to have it out in your space. But, it's really personal preference. I like to hide as much as I can in cute containers and trays.

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The benefits of having a designated space for all your important papers, mail, and devices

 Just as I say with my planners and other products, you have to find what works for YOU and the stage of life you're in. You are never going to be successful trying to change your style and thinking to fit into a system. 

I find that when everything has a place my mind feels calmer. Especially when it is FUNCTIONAL and not forced.

Ideas and inspiration for creating your own command center that works perfectly for your needs

Here are a few other examples of command centers, but feel free to check out Pinterest for TONS of ideas! 

from  Sunny Circle Studio

from Organized-ish

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