Perfectly Planned, Perfect for You.

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You don't need paper goods that just take up more of your time or require you to put in effort to make that tool work for you. You don't need a planner that doesn't align with your lifestyle and schedule. What you do need are tools that integrate seamlessly into your life, aren't stuffed up with unnecessary information, and give you a piece of calm knowing that you've got everything you need to remember in one spot. 

Have you ever had trouble going to sleep because you were thinking about all your to-dos for the next day? Or you hear your child's teacher mention an important date and you tried to keep it in your head and remember it? My goal is that with the tools I create, you can clear up some of your mental space and find your calm through simple, easy organization. 

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We already know there are tons of planners in the world for you to choose from. So what makes a Sound & Circle Planner different? We have real life (your life) in mind.

You shouldn't be fitting your life into a planner, it should already fit your needs. It shouldn't have extra bulk, forms and reflections to fill out that you'll never use, and all this reading about how you should be running your life. 

The front section of our planners provides very minimal, truly useful pages to help you organize your year. Whether you're a mom or a bachelorette you will find some or all of the pages useful; if there's a few that aren't, it's easy to skip past. There are no paragraphs to read about what organizational style you should be using or what daily practices you should implement; I trust that you're doing just fine. My products are here to quietly, easily fit into what you're already doing and just give you a little nudge to say, "I can help you out." 

There are seven (!!) weekly layouts depending on how much freedom or form you want, and what matters to you in a planner. From wide open spaces to daily bulleted to-do lists, we've got you covered. We are also able to customize your planner if you find something needs just a little tweaking to be perfect! 

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A Note about Handmade

All Sound & Circle products are designed and created completely by me in my home office shed; nothing is outsourced. I work hard to make every single product a quality item and I am passionate about making these organizational products for you. I also partner with small businesses to curate other offerings that I think you'll enjoy. I have worked slowly over the years to improve my equipment, which improves the quality for my customers. We are slowly but surely amassing an entire print shop's worth of machines in our shed and our products just get better and better. Handmade means it takes longer than Amazon, but there's more love. It means I can customize products for you, too! You are supporting a passion that I've worked hard for, and my family, so thank you.